7th Stop – Santorini


Voted as one of the top destinations in the world…

It is a matter of fact that Santorini is one of the must places to visit in the entire world. Various articles were written and plenty of documentaries have been directed, all inspired by the island’s exceptional beauty and architecture. If you ask for fascinating vacations in the Aegean then Santorini is the answer. From the colorful fascinating sunset, well known worldwide, to the wild volcano landscape, the island can offer you an extraordinary experience. Take the time to visit the black sand beaches, dine in one of the many restaurants enjoying the Caldera view and walk around the cobbled streets… I believe that no words or photographs can describe this paradise reality!


6th Stop – Milos Island


The island with the enchanting sceneries …

Milos island is famed for its natural beauty. Milos reaches the 151 square kilometers (the 5th large island of Cyclades) with a coastline of 125 km. Take a trip to Kleftiko Bay, located in the south-west side of the island. Access is possible only from the seaway. Even on your first visit, Kleftiko may appear familiar, as it appears in many tourist guides, showing the characteristic rock and cave. In the afternoon go to the main port of Milos, Adamantas. It is worth a visit to the traditional village of Plaka which is also the capital of the Island. Narrow little streets, shops compose a traditional Cycladic setting. During your time here, take time to enjoy the 13th Century Venetian Castle; Archeological Musuem; Folklore Museum and the church of Panagia Thalassitra. Sample the local Fare – there are plenty of restaurants to choose from!

5th Stop – Paros, Naousa Bay


The “pearl” of Paros Island

Your next stop for this summer has to be Naousa Bay in Paros… This bay is north of the island and has whitewashed alleys, a picturesque fishing port and beautiful nearby beaches. Plenty of water activities are available in Naousa, or why not visit the water fun park! Naousa is considered to be the “pearl” of Paros, with its rich history, archeological monuments and beautiful churches. If finally you are visiting Paros, you must take time to enjoy the wine and seafood festivals!

4th Stop – Mykonos …

mykonos The Cosmopolitan Island of the Aegean 

Mykonos is one of the most famous and cosmopolitan Greek  Islands. Renowned discotheques and nightclubs attract Athenian show business personalities as well as international tourism. Fascinating in its diversity and yet it remains a small Greek Village too! Tiny streets and windmills are scattered on the hill and an area of the town leads down to the sea. This picturesque and often photographed area is aptly called the Venice of Mykonos. Some fine sandy beaches can be found on the island. Mykonos is also dotted with churches, said to number 365 in total! Every area of Mykonos has to offer quality time and unforgettable moments!

Monaco Grand Prix —> 2 days


Have you booked your Yacht VIP Package? 

Monaco Grand Prix is the most exceptional race of Formula 1 by far. And what is the best spot to attend the circuit? With no doubt, the Superyachts Prime Positions offer the best hospitality. You can either rent a berth in port or anchor just outside the port. Once you book the right boat for your needs, you are ready to enjoy this powerful event, which takes place each year late May!

3rd Stop – Syros Island


The Capital of Cyclades

Sail straight to Grammata Bay on Syros Island. The Greek Island of Syros is full of beauty and charm, created by its unspoiled landscape; its authenticity and traditional villages. Grammata Bay, hidden in the mountains, open only to the south, is famous as a safe lee shore from the storms and the winds. It is also accessible by boat from Kini, and for the more energetic it can also be reached on foot from the path that starts in Kampos. The main town, Ermoupolis, is wonderful. The town is full of Venetian and neoclassical buildings which make it one of the most beautiful towns of the country. Enjoy it!

2nd Stop – Hydra Island


The “Small England” of Greece

The name of Hydra is owed to the rich waters which sprang out from the quarries which existed in the antiquity.  This rocky island is framed as a cosmopolitan and cultural center and has played an important role in Greek History since the 15th century. In the 18th century the island was called “Small England” due to its increased naval activity. Large mansions have survived from this period and can still be seen as part of the characteristic architecture of the town which still retains the very traditional nature of its origins. Few motor vehicles are allowed, adding to the unique nature of Hydra where donkeys as still used as a daily form of transport! The atmosphere inspires the artist in all of us. For all those who love culture and art, Hydra is a famous meeting point and there are many galleries throughout the island. There are many small churches and monasteries to be found (the most famous are Prophet Ilias, Agis Matrona and Agia Triada). Visit the beautiful beaches on the west of the island at Kaminia, Molos, Vlichos and the former naval harbor, Mandraki. A trip around the island by boat provides visitors with some unforgettable views of the small inlets and harbors.